Why Local Locker Storage?

  • Because you can’t afford that second bedroom
  • Because you could afford that second bedroom and a relative moved in
  • Because the closest thing to a closet in your apartment is your bedroom
  • Because your parents are moving to Florida and you need to get your stuff out of their basement
  • Because your girlfriend gave you an ultimatum: “Either the hockey bag goes, or I go!”
  • Because you are becoming dangerously close to being featured on Hoarders
  • Because you split rent equally, but not the closet space
  • Because you live in an NYU dorm
  • Because your child took over your life and your apartment
  • Because you have stuff and we have space
Local Locker is proud to offer our customers the most convenient storage option:
  • Steps from where you actually live – no more trips to Brooklyn to access your unit
  • Affordable rates
  • No move-in or hidden fees
  • Small facilities (e.g. no walking down endless corridors)
  • Free pick-up on initial move-in
  • First month free on long-term leases

Rest assured, your storage is secure:
  • Located in secure buildings
  • Controlled temperatures
  • Security cameras
  • Restricted access (customers only!)